Welcome to Emma’s Acres LLC

Emma’s Acres LLC is a wonderful, quiet community that is perfect for the pet lover, anyone passionate about sustainable living, or someone just looking for a beautiful community to call home.

Emma's Acres LLCEmma’s Acres LLC is a pet friendly, environmentally friendly housing community located at 876 West Dryden Rd. Freeville NY, 13068. Our community is located 6 short miles from the Cornell Vet School, 3.5 miles from the Ithaca Airport, and 8 miles from the Ithaca Commons. You can drive to any of these locations in under 10 minutes. If you commute by bus, there is a TCAT bus stop 1 mile away that offers many different buses. You could bike to the bus stop and be there in minutes. Our wonderful community sits on 10 ACRES OF LAND surrounded by wide open neighboring lots! You definitely wont feel cramped here. You have plenty of room to stretch, fresh air to breathe, and the sunsets are amazing!

Currently there are 2 duplexes on the property. One was constructed in 2002 and the second was completed in May of 2015. We plan on adding more duplexes to our community soon. Unlike most rental properties, our priority was energy efficiency and sustainability. Rather than just building a house to rent for profit, we wanted to build a community of highly efficient homes. In order to achieve that goal we elected to use passive solar design, open floor plans, PV solar panels, solar hot water systems, LED lighting, and 240 volt electric car charging stations. We believe that doing our part to protect the environment and building responsibly, trumps profit. While construction of passive solar duplexes is more expensive than traditional construction methods, we believe it was the right thing to do and we think you will agree. In addition to being energy efficient, they are beautiful! Every unit features quartz countertops, high end cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, ceiling fans, storage spaces and a garage.
One of our most exciting features is our huge fenced-in dog park! The park is for the exclusive use of our residents and is a feature you won’t find in any other apartment in town! Currently there is a single fenced-in 1.5 acre dog park and soon we will be adding another 1.5 acre fenced-in dog park. This way we can offer separate sides for large and small dog breeds. Our dog parks include picnic tables, benches, chairs, dog waste bag dispensers and water fountains. In addition to the dog parks, we also plan on offering a community garden area so Emma’s Acres LLC residents can test their green thumb.

From the founder:

“I decided to create Emma’s Acres to combine my strong interest in renewable energy, desire to offer modern, efficient, high end homes, and because of my love of animals. The idea was further motivated when my Wife and I adopted our dog Emma. She is a fun-loving and energetic Brittany Spaniel. She is happy, loving and excited all the time and I wanted to create a place where that positive energy could be lived and shared. Its nearly impossible to find housing when you have a dog. Most landlords do not allow pets, leaving pet lovers no where to go. I saw the need and Emma’s Acres LLC was born.”

Emma’s Acres LLC is a wonderful, quiet community and is perfect for the pet lover, anyone passionate about sustainable living, or someone just looking for a beautiful community to call home. Apartments rarely open up, so if one is available act quick because Emma is looking forward to meeting you!

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. We would be happy to receive your input.